Nadia Boulanger Teaching Stravinsky to David Conte
Kimberly Francis; Oxford University Press Blog/February 2016

Cooman, Carson: A Conversation with David Conte
Fanfare Magazine, November/December 2015

Conte, David:  A Life of Developing Artistry and Faith by Michael Rosin
The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, June 2015

American Composer's Forum - Online Interview with David Conte, board member

Conte, David "Toward A Choral Pedagogy For Composers" (with Steven Sametz and Robert Kyr)
Published in the Choral Journal, August, 2014

Conte, David "Aaron Copland Portait - Memories of a Friendship, and Thoughts About His Influence On American Choral Music"
The article was published in The Choral Journal, June, 2012

Devenney, David "The Choral World of David Conte"
The Choral Journal, February, 2007

This article discusses the composition of "The Nine Muses," the Raymond Brock Memorial Commission for the ACDA National Convention in Miami in March, 2007, and contains an interview with the composer about his working methods and related choral music topics. A complete list of works is included.

Conte, David "The Teaching Methods of Nadia Boulanger"
Lecture transcription, Nadia Boulanger Symposium, University of Colorado, 2004

In this lecture David Conte explains in detail what studying with Nadia Boulanger was like, and also outlines his own philosophy of teaching.

Conte, David "Ralph Vaughan Williams's Three Shakespeare Songs: An Analytical Guide for Conductors and Composers"
The Choral Journal, April 2002

In this article, David Conte asserts that Ralph Vaughan Williams's "Three Shakespeare Songs" represent a supreme achievement in the repertoire of twentieth-century unaccompanied choral compositions. Moreover, the songs brilliantly fulfill the original pedagogical purpose: to provide a challenging and grateful work for choral singers, using texts of the highest literary and spiritual quality. Conte shows the logic with which it is possible to apply moveable do solfege to ensure good intonation and to increase singers' awareness of the expressive character of certain notes and intervals, particularly in relation to the text. The author provides three tables to show phrase structure and tonal centers of each section, all of which will greatly aid the conductor in interpretation, pacing, and memorization.


Theses About David Conte's Music

Simmons, Stephen A. "The Published Choral Music of David Conte"
D.M.A. Thesis;  University of South Carolina

Keating, Gary E. "In Praise of Music:  A Motivation for Choral Conductors"
D.M.A. Thesis;  University of Miami

Wilkins, Marlen Dee "An Analysis of Selected Choral Works of David Conte Utilizing Ensemble Accompaniment"
D.A. Thesis, University of Northern Colorado, 2011
A detailed analysis of two works: "American Triptych" and "The Nine Muses"; interview with poet John Stirling Walker.

Conran, Michael A. "A Study of David Conte's Secular SATB Choral Works"
(D.M.A. Thesis, University of Arizona, 2003)
This thesis contains biographical information on the composer, and detailed analysis of the following pieces: The Waking, Invocation and Dance, In Praise of Music, Elegy for Matthew, September Sun, and The Composer.

Coyle, Patrick "Significant Male Voice Repertory"
Commissioned by American Gay Men’s Choruses
D.M.A. Thesis, University of Cincinnati, 2006